467 Milton Road

Auchenflower QLD 4066

Healthy Nutricious Meals

Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea

All children at Milton Road Children’s Centre are provided with regular healthy meals and snacks. We believe promoting children’s health is essential to their learning. It’s important that children in care are offered nutritious meals and enjoy positive mealtime experiences. 

Our licensed catering service provides fresh meals daily for all children aged 15months and over. If your child has specific dietary or cultural requirements the Centre needs to be notified so we can cater to their needs.

Echidna Room – Ages 6wks to 15mths

Maximum 8 Children

1 Lead Educator and 1 Educator

Children in the Echidna Room are aged from 6 weeks to 15 months. Our babies are supported in all areas of early development but this room in particular caters very specifically for your child’s individual needs along with creating a caring and nurturing environment that focuses on the well being of your baby.

Koala Room – 15mths to 2.5yrs

Maximum 10 Children

1 Lead Educator and 1 Educator

Children in the Koala Room are aged between 15mths and 2.5yrs. The Koala kids begin developing fine and gross motor skills, eye hand co-ordination and vocabulary.

They are encouraged to share and develop early relationships with their peers and we also start introducing the toilet training process.

Koala Room

Wombat Room – 2yrs to 3yrs

Maxim 10 Children

1 Lead Educator and 1 Educator

The Wombat Room children are aged between 2 and 3 years. The children are constantly exploring, enquiring and learning new skills such as creativity through both art and play, recognition of colours and shapes and basic counting.

We encourage their social skills through sharing and caring and continue developing their toilet training skills.

Dingo Room – 3yrs to 4yrs

Maximum 15 Children

1 Lead Educator and 1 Educator

The children in the Dingo Room are aged from 3 and 4 years. The focus in this room is to prepare for the educational program in the Kangaroo Room. Children learn the alphabet and re-writing skills along with developing oral language to encourage their confidence in communicating.

Basic maths is also explored encompassing shapes, sorting, matching and numbers. They will learn counting and basic concepts of addition and subtraction.

We foster both social and emotional development and encourage the children to co-operate and communicate with their peers and carers.

Kangaroo Room – 4yrs to 5yrs

Maximum 22 Children

Early Childhood Teacher and 1 Educator

The Milton Road Children’s Centre Kindy Program combines the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines, Early Childhood Code of Ethics and the National Quality Framework all which are designed to promote both play and education.

The Kindy Program is delivered by our Early Childhood Qualified Teacher over a 40 week period each year. However children are entitled to care from 6.30am to 6pm 52 weeks per year.

The Kindy children participate in play based learning and developing early literacy and numeracy skills which will assist them in their reading and writing ability.

Importantly children are encouraged to develop independence in decision making and self sufficiency that prepares them for the more formal Prep Year ahead.