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26th January – Australia Day

Craft activities depicting Native Australian Animals, Indigenous People, Australian Flag 

14th February – Valentines Day

Reading stories about love, feelings and engage the children in craft activities for the special person in their life.

16th February – Chinese New Year

Incorporate Chinese families educators and volunteer workers’ knowledge of their culture and share them with the children, stories, crafts and games.

3rd March – World Wildlife Day

Explore children’s interests in animals. Extend on their interests by incorporating resources to engage them in activities, discussions with families to gather information.

17th March – St Patricks Day

Celebrating St. Patricks Day with Irish families in the centre. Gather information on how they celebrate this event with their families and incorporate this information into the curriculum. Encourage them to wear Green on the day. Also, craft activities using predominantly Green.

21st March – Harmony Day

Educators and children are informed to wear Orange to celebrate this event. Speaking to children about each others ‘feelings’ and embrace diversity in Australia.

30th March – Earth Hour

Turn off lights and any electrical appliances to raise awareness sustainability and global warming. Pre-schoolers and Kindy.

2nd April – International Children’s Book Day

Local library visits the centre and conducts story time.

19th April – Good Friday & Easter

Educational activities will be implemented including Easter egg hunt.

25th April – Anzac Day

Commemorating the deceased soldiers who sacrificed their lives for their country, craft activities will be planned to educate children about this day.

4th May – Starlight Day

To raise funds to seriously ill children by involving families and the community.

13th May – Mothers Day Afternoon Tea

13rd May to 24th May – Henny Penny Chicken Hatching Programme

5th June – World’s Environment

Sustainable activities, gardening experiences, nature walk.

30th June – Red Nose Day

Gold coin donation. Engage children in conversations regarding safe sleep practices.

7th – 14th July – Naidoc

Indigenous community member attend the service and deliver a presentation and other educational experiences.

16 July – Centre Photo Day

21st July – National Pyjama Day

Gold coin donation. Donations will be given to Pyjama Foundation. Educators will come in pyjamas.

Cupcake Day for RSPCA

2nd September – Fathers Day Afternoon

22nd September – Jeans for Genes Day

Help fight children’s genetic diseases. Activities will be implemented to raise awareness of this day.

23rd September to 4th October – Henny Penny Chicken Hatching Programme

23rd September to 4th October – Henny Penny Chicken Hatching Programme

31st October – Halloween Dress-up Day

11 November – Remembrance Day

Commemorate the Remembrance Day with the members of the Australian Defence Force. A minute of silence is dedicated to the deceased, especially for soldiers who died fighting to protect the nation. Remembrance Day in Australia is dedicated to Australians who died as a result of the war, particularly from World War 1 onwards. Inspirational discussions about our Australian Defence Forces and their valued role in the community.

Kindy Graduation Night – TBA

Children’s Christmas Show – TBA

20th January – World Religion Day
6th February – Waitangi Day
19th February – Lantern Festival
3 March – Hinamatsuri Japanese Doll Festival
13th April – Sri-Lankan New Year 
5th May – Ramadan – Islamic
8th May – Mabo Day
21st May – World Day of Cultural Diversity
8th June – Maori New Year
7th July – Star Festival – Japanese
14th July – Bastile Day
29th September to 1st October – Jewish New Year
27th October – Diwali